Innovative School of Management

About ISM

Our Story

Innovative School of Management was established in 1999 to provide quality and innovative education to students from various walks of life, both local and international.

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovative programmes have been accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Innovative School of Management is set up to provide students with the opportunities to improve themselves academically, especially by creating various career pathways including study opportunities with other leading higher education institutions and universities.

Currently, Innovative School of Management offers diploma programmes in the field of entrepreneurship, business management and accountancy.  Our high quality and challenging programmes not only keep pace with the global education but also equip the students with knowledge, skills and practical experiences to face the working world.


To build world-class entrepreneurial leaders that will impact others.


To graduate Millionaires with world-class entrepreneurial and leadership traits.


Give more than 100% commitment on time, focus, action and results to everything mentored to achieve the desired results
Be responsible for every action and decision
Celebrate the success of others and share achievements whether big or small
Celebrate the success of others and share achievements whether big or small
Willing to accept reprimands and openly give feedback to ISM partners
Be grateful, thankful and humble no matter how high your achievement
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