Innovative School of Management

About ism

Our story

Innovative School of Management was established in 2020 to provide quality and innovative education to students from various walks of life, both local and international.

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovative programmes have been accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Innovative School of Management is set up to provide students with the opportunities to improve themselves academically, especially by creating various career pathways including study opportunities with other leading higher education institutions and universities.

Currently, Innovative School of Management offers diploma programmes in the field of entrepreneurship, business management and accountancy.  Our high quality and challenging programmes not only keep pace with the global education but also equip the students with knowledge, skills and practical experiences to face the working world.


To graduate millionaires with world-class entrepreneurial and leadership traits.


To build word-class entrepreneurial leaders that will impact others

  1. Give more than 100% commitment on time, focus, action and results to everything mentored to achieve the desired results
  2. Be responsible for every action and decision
  3. Celebrate the success of others and share achievements whether big or small
  4. Celebrate the success of others and share achievements whether big or small
  5. Willing to accept reprimands and openly give feedback to ISM partners
  6. Be grateful, thankful and humble no matter how high your achievement

message from president

At Innovative School of Management (ISM), we recognize the immense value that both academic knowledge and practical expertise bring to the table. We appreciate the insights gained through formal education (Book smart), and we equally cherish the invaluable lessons learned from real-world challenges and experiences (Street smart). This unique combination allows us to think critically, adapt swiftly, and innovate fearlessly in a constantly evolving business landscape.

As real entrepreneurs, we don’t merely dream big; we act with purpose and determination to turn those dreams into reality. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and it fuels our relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. We believe in taking calculated risks, pushing boundaries, and embracing change as a catalyst for growth.

However, our entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just confined to the top echelons of management. We foster a culture that encourages every team member to be proactive and take ownership of their roles. Through hands-on experience, we empower our employees to become architects of their own success stories. We understand that true expertise is honed through doing, learning from mistakes, and celebrating achievements, big and small.

Our commitment to innovation, agility, and customer-centricity is unwavering. We aim to exceed expectations, deliver value, and make a lasting impact on the industries we serve. As a team of Book smart and Street smart professionals, we embrace change, harness our collective potential, and continuously strive for excellence.

I am honored to lead such a talented and motivated group of individuals, and I firmly believe that our journey together will be one of growth, collaboration, and fulfillment. I also take great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to new prospects joining our ISM, where we embrace the fusion of book smarts and street smarts.

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