Innovative School of Management

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Go further and open more doors with a strong and credible programme offered by Innovative School of Management. The best way to start right is to first decide what you would like to be.


Get equipped with solid business knowledge and skills in disciplines such as management, marketing and accounting the ISM 12-pointer way.

DIPLOMA IN Accountancy

Get prepared for a career in business accounting which enables you to perform reporting functions, rendering taxation services and management advisory services


Understand the basics and advanced skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

Why Innovative School of Management?

Top Notch Course

Programmes offered at Innovative School of Management are very different from business studies offered at other higher education institutions. What sets us apart from the others is the fact that our programmes do not merely produce graduates, but Millionaire graduates! Our programmes are created with real world education to prepare you for the new normal of business today. Our programmes are focused to build, strengthen and enhance your mind, body and soul. Add to that our mentors who are experienced, driven and foresighted to guide and mould you into becoming the exemplary leader of tomorrow.

Real World Teachers

Innovative School of Management does not use a conventional approach in teaching and learning methods. Every Lecturer at Innovative School of Management plays the role of Manager whilst every student is treated as an Associate. This process of teaching and learning creates an environment that exposes you to practical experience and knowledge in the real world. The Managers are not only teachers from various levels and industries but experienced and successful businessmen on their own.

Global Business Community

Innovative School of Management exposes you to the world of International Business. As an ISM Associate, you will be inducted into a special community platform known as the Associate Founder Institute that enables you to interact with founders, entrepreneurs and business owners at home and abroad. The objective of the AFI is to provide opportunities for Associates to improve and expand their business network.

One-On-One Mentorship

Innovative School of Management emphasizes on achievement. At Innovative School of Management, we introduced the one-on-one Mentorship Programme to ensure each Associate is driven to meet their targets or reach their milestones. Mentors are experts from varying industries who can provide you guidance to the ins and outs, the dos and donts to the ups and downs of business. This allows you to be prepared for any challenges thatmay come your way, be it internally or externally.

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